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  • Local Movers

    Planning on moving locally within the state of Florida? Nationwide Van Lines will provide you a professional move with a Guaranteed Price! We are ready to satisfy your moving needs.

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  • Out of State Movers

    Looking for a professional East Coast movers? Nationwide Van Lines will provide your furniture what you need, a professional touch. Try us today to move the right way!

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  • International Movers

    Have your site set on an overseas move? We will organize, professionally pack and accurately price your move. From sea to sea providing what you need.

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  • Across Border to Canada

    Make crossing the Canadian Border simple. Allow Nationwide to go above and beyond your relocation needs.

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Video Reviews

Relocation Consultant: Susana Sereni| Review No.: 68
Relocation Consultant: Alana Dzivinskaya| Review No.: 67
Relocation Consultant: Christian Allen| Review No.: 66
Relocation Consultant: Thomas Lee| Review No.: 65
  • Moving Date: 9/05/2016
  • Lead Mover: Richardson Saint Pierre
  • Moving From: Atlanta, GA
  • Moving To: Boone, NC
Relocation Consultant: Alana Dzivinskaya| Review No.: 64
Relocation Consultant: Alana Dzivinskaya| Review No.: 63
Relocation Consultant: Racheal Skolnik| Review No.: 62
Relocation Consultant: Alana Dzivinskaya| Review No.: 61
Relocation Consultant: Racheal Skolnik| Review No.: 60
Relocation Consultant: Alana Dzivinskaya| Review No.: 59
  • Silver Packing

    We can pack a little or pack it all! Avoid the hassle and time of packing by utilizing our Silver Packing.

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  • Gold Packing

    Make life even easier, we'll unpack all of your items, place boxed items on the surface of your choosing.

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  • Platinum Packing

    All of your items will be packed in its appropriate material to make relocating more secure and safe. With our maid service included, each item will be unpacked efficiently with cabinet, drawer and shelf items placed properly.

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  • Pianos, Art & Antiques

    We can expertly and carefully move your fragile or bulky items so that they arrive safely.

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  • Local Movers

    When you need a local south Florida mover to move you professionally, look towards Nationwide Van Lines. Our Certified Packers & Loaders will love to satisfy all of your moving needs to make your local move, an easy move.
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  • Out of State Movers

    Make moving anywhere on the East Coast an ease with Nationwide Van Lines. With Guaranteed Prices and superb services, choosing Nationwide Van Lines is a secure and smart choice.
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  • Overseas Movers

    Moving across the seas is never a worry with Nationwide Van Lines. We specialize in various shipment sizes to and from almost anywhere around the world. Allow us to handle all ends of your overseas needs.
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  • Need Storage?

    Storing your furniture has never been easier. We offer climate control storage, non-climate control storage and our featured We-Vaults.
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Founder and President, Tali Maskalik

No matter if you’re relocating within the same neighborhood or overseas, moving can be pretty stressing. In fact, moving is repeatedly ranked as the third most stressful life event and sometimes seems to be completely overwhelming. On top of moving, you often have to deal with realtors, mortgage financing and even finding a great school for your kids.

To keep all the moving components tracked and timely, organization is a big must. Utilizing a filing system is a great way to keep ... Read More