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Moving with the Family

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- Ryan Gill

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- Ges Fischer

Moving With the Family

Yes! It is a well known fact that moving is a huge event in one's life. Whether you are moving out of state, out of town or even moving to a different neighborhood; moving can make us feel a bit stressed and uncomfortable. Now! Imagine a child at any age that has to leave their well known school, playground, friends and even his own castle... his room! So before your kids make you regret the idea of moving we had came up with some tips and tricks to better assist you assisting your kids.

Preparing Your Children For The Move

    • Tell Your Children About The Move As Soon As Possible. You might think you are doing your children good by hiding the move; however, keep in mind that your children need just as much time if not more to adjust to the idea of moving and to be able to process and accept the changes. Try to answer all of their questions and be as detailed as possible.
    • Share With Your Children Why And Where You Are Moving To. Once your child knows the reason for the relocation it will make it easier for them to accept it! Be honest: "since grandma got sick, grandpa needs our help so we are moving closer to them", or "mommy got a new job so we are moving to be closer to the new office".
    • Welcome Your Children's Questions. Make sure to provide them with all the information they want or need about the new location. Always give the most accurate and honest answers you possibly can.
    • Use Maps And Pictures. Show your children on the map the new state, town or neighborhood you are moving to. Have pictures (if possible) of the new home and surrounding area.
    • Reassure Your Children That Their Life Will Not Change Dramatically. Let your children know that their daily routines will stay the same. For example: nap time during the day or bedtime stories, eating their cereal in their favorite bowl, classes and courses they use to take (i.e. - gymnastics, soccer and even boy/girl scouts).
    • Encourage Your Children To Create An Address Book. Make a list with your child that contains their best friends, close neighbor, a teacher or a coach that they would like to stay in touch with. Make sure to write their address, phone number and e-mail address.
    • Give Your Children The Layout Of Their Room. By letting your child have their own room plan and letting them take a part in decorating it, they will most likely be more excited and participating about moving than you had anticipated.
    • Help Your Children Plan Their Goodbye. Saying goodbye is a very important stage in the process of moving. Whether it is a big party for all of their acquaintance or a small gathering; try to accommodate their wishes as much as possible within reason.
    • Make Time To Visit Your Children's Favorite Places. Whether it is the park near your home or their favorite pizza place or ice cream place, make sure to have time to go to these places for the last time. If the list is too long, make them choose three places for them to visit.
    • Ask Your Children To Help With The Packing Of Their Own Room. This way they will be much more involved in the moving process. Encourage them to either add to the garage sale or donate toys, books and other items that they do not think they will use or play with again.

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