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"The guys are professional movers and the job went smoothly. I would recommend to my friends moving in the near future"

- Edward Raymond

"Great. The driver was courteous, friendly and worked very hard"

- Yolanda Roberts

"EXCELLENT!! We were very happy with the courteous and professional employees. They were very knowledgeable and made our moving much easier"

- Tiffany Starr

Move Out Day

    • Be sure to take notes of your utilities meter reading, this will assist you finalizing the last payment that needs to be done.

    • Make sure you have cold beverages for the movers, especially in the summer time. Keep in mind they are doing very hard physical work.

    • Make sure to have arrangements for your children and pets so they do not get in the way of the movers.

    • Take a walk with the mover in your home and make sure every item that needs to be loaded is being marked on the inventory list. Make sure to point out to the mover any extra fragile items or items you would like them to pay extra attention to.

    • When it comes to items that are packed by the shipper, the mover will need to confirm that all boxes are well packed and sealed.

    • Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to do a final walk through of your home to confirm everything that needed to be moved has been loaded on the truck.

    • Do a final walk through of the house to confirm all lights are off and all appliances left behind have been disconnected.

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